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Level 1 Breathing Normalization Training - Buteyko: Overcome Health Challenges

Level 1 Breathing Normalization Training - Buteyko: Overcome Health Challenges

Breathing Center

  • $1,825.00

Level 1 Breathing Normalization Training
Buteyko: Overcome Health Challenges


Most adults and children hyperventilate but are not aware of it. K.P. Buteyko MD-Ph.D considered over-breathing “a disease of our civilization.” He proved that natural breathing patterns often become modified as a result of sedentary lifestyle, intake of some medication, improper diet, etc. As a result, a person develops a habit of excessive air consumption, which often manifests as mouth breathing.

Over-breathing negatively influences many bodily functions, creating a state of imbalance. According to Dr. Buteyko, hyperventilation can trigger various breathing difficulties and many other health problems. In order to restore the natural balance of the body and establish breathing patterns supportive of our wellbeing, we need to learn how to control and modify our breathing day and night. This training offers this gift. For some people, the Level 1 training is hard work, but it is certainly worth it: you change your breathing pattern once and you will enjoy the benefits of it the rest of your life. Remember, there is no health without healthy breathing!

This training has two goals:

  1. Establish nasal breathing 100 percent without any exceptions (during night, day, physical activities, talking, etc.).
  2. Establish reduced air consumption.


Level 1 Full Training is sufficient for anyone who is looking forward to improving their breathing or the breathing of their child. You don't need to take other levels of training to achieve this goal.

Everyone can benefit from this training! Learn how to breathe peacefully!


These are the two options for learning the Level 1 program:

Option 1: Economy

Schedule Private Sessions with a Buteyko Breathing Specialist ($85-$750; 1-10 sessions).To save time during sessions, we recommend watching the DVD series and becoming familiar with the Method on your own.

Option 2: Full Training

This is our main program and most effective option. Please register for a FREE Preliminary Consultation with a Breathing Normalization Specialist prior to enrolling in this individual/family program. 

Level 1 Full Training: Details:
Description This program is all-inclusive: it contains everything a person needs to learn and apply the Method successfully. The best option for health!
One-on-one sessions with a BM Specialist 12 hours + (8 sessions 1.5 hour each)
Schedule We will fit your schedule
Location: Available anywhere in the world (most people take this program online)
Duration: 2 + months
Contact with a Specialist Daily via email; weekly via Skype
Unlimited Support After Training by email
Instructional 5-DVD set: (10 hours) DVD set + download
Adenoids Without Surgery book (for training children) Full Color Book + download
CD: Buteyko Breathing Exercises & Method CD + download
CD: Breathing Normalization Meditations CD + download
CD: Healing Through Breathing CD + download
Breathe To Heal book Book + download
Breathing Exercise Logbook Book + download
Instructional Texts Texts + download
Breathing Improvement tools (value $75)
Participation of Family Members Family members participate for free
Price - $1,825.00 Payment plans are available 
Registration: After Being accepted as a student during a Free Preliminary Consultation, please make one of the following steps:

1. Register by making a payment in full.  
2. Register by making a deposit of $200.00. 

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