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Breathing Normalization Method DVD - 5 disc content (MP4 Video Download) - (Beginner's Level - 1)

Breathing Center

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This 5-Disc DVD (MP4 Video Download) set is a complete step-by-step self-help program on Buteyko Breathing Normalization suitable for adults, children and seniors. It contains educational talks and demonstrations of breathing exercises created by Dr. Buteyko and further developed at Clinica Buteyko Moscow and Breathing Center.

This DVD is the first attempt to reveal this drug-free and holistic method in its entirety. This program helps to reduce or eliminate any breathing difficulties, asthma symptoms, coughing, mucus, suffocation attacks, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, blood pressure problems, sleep apnea, depression and many other health issues. It is beneficial for anyone who wishes to become healthier. Created by Sasha Yakovleva, an Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist and co-founder of

Disc 1: Breathing Awareness:

• Introduction
• Thomas’ and Sasha’s Story
• About Dr. Buteyko
• L. Buteyko, Dr. Novozhilov and Clinica Buteyko
• The Theory of Breathing Normalization
• Breathing Measurements
• Control Pause
• Positive Maximum Pause
• Demonstration of Pauses
• Health Evaluation
• Keeping the Records
• Healing Crisis
• About Medication
• Nasal Breathing
• Breathing Awareness
• Posture to Improve Breathing
• Breathing Exercises
• About Relaxation
• Relaxation Breathing Exercise
• Summary

Disc 2: Hidden Sources of Hyperventilation:
• Introduction
• Sleeping and Rest
• Insomnia
• Sleeping positions
• The Morning Zone
• Awareness Belt
• Stress Management
• Breathing and Talking
• About Breath Holds
• How to do Breathing Exercises
• Fixed Breath Holds

• Demonstration of Breathing Exercises
• Relaxation “At This Moment”
• Fixed Breath Holds

Disc 3: Food, Water and Beverages:
• Mindfulness Regarding Diet
• Water
• Other Beverages
• About Salt
• Meat, Fish, Poultry and Dairy
• Vegetables and Grains
• Don’t eat when you are not hungry
• Keep it Simple
• Local and Seasonal
• Organic
• Vitamins and Minerals
• Summary
• Flexible Breath Holds

• Demonstration of Breathing Exercises
• Relaxation “On This Planet”
• Flexible Breath Holds

Disc 4: Breathing and Physical Exercise:
• Breathing and Movement
• Breathing Exercises in Motion
• Weight Lifting
• Aerobics and other fast movement exercises
• Briefly About Yoga
• Gym Vs. Outdoors
• Bowing
• Clothing and Exposure to Cold

• Demonstration of Breathing Exercises
• Walking Breath Holds

Disc 5: Mind, Spirit, Breath:
• Breathing & Thinking
• Spiritual Traditions
• Spiritual Rituals
• Chanting
• Prayers
• Angel-like protection
• Summary

• Demonstration of Breathing Exercises
• Relaxation “It’s You”
• Breathing During Chanting

• Dr. Buteyko and His Work
• Testimonials
• Breathing Center’s Programs

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