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Buteyko Breathing Exercises & Method (MP3 Download)


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In memory of Thomas Fredricksen, co-founder of the Breathing Center, clinical psychologist and Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist, a free download of his CD Buteyko Breathing Exercises & Method
is available without any charge. Listen to this teaching and learn how to breathe better!
This CD is also available on Amazon. Reviews of this product are greatly appreciated. You don't need to purchase anything to post a review.   


Audio Training for people suffering from asthma, anxiety and other breathing difficulties. The Buteyko Method changes breathing patterns and therefore stops asthma and breathing problems.

This CD course contains information about Dr. Buteyko, his legendary discovery and method, breathing and health evaluation as well as various breathing exercises for adults and children.

This audio training is recommended to anyone who wises to improve their breathing and health. Listen to this recording to overcome any breathing difficulties, especially, asthma, COPD, sleep apnea, chronic cough, panic attacks, and many other health issues! These breathing exercises will help you to strengthen your health.

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