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Healing Through Breathing: The Ancient Mantra (MP3 Download)

Breathing Center

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Om Mani Peme Hum, this is the most famous Tibetan Buddhist mantra, well known for its healing qualities. It normalizes a persons breathing and pacifies the mind. Konstantin P. Buteyko, MD, was the first scientist who discovered this effect. He noticed that this mantra was capable of stopping asthma and anxiety attacks. This recording is recommended for people with breathing difficulties and everyone who strives to be happy.

Track 1: Lekshey & Tenzin Chonyi, Sasha & Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen & a group (33:26).

Track 2: Lekshey Chonyi (15:06).

Chanting this mantra normally increases a person's control pause. Don't forget to breathe through your nose only. Do not hyperventilate!

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