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Level 2A - Breathing Optimization Training

Level 2A - Breathing Optimization Training

Breathing Center

  • $450.00

Level 2A Buteyko Breathing Optimization Training: Optimal Health & Longevity

Dr. Buteyko made more than one discovery, leaving us a perfect map to achieving full human potential! This program is the next logical step on a path to establishing maximum vitality and longevity. It is strongly recommended for anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge on the topics of breathing and human potential. Make the change!

Learn how to achieve optimal health and establish breathing on a new, higher level.

  • Requirement: Completion of the Level 1 program
  • Course Duration: approximately 3 weeks
  • Sessions: 3 private sessions (1.5 hours each) with Sasha Yakovleva; sessions will fit your preferred time frame

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